Although skunks are more beneficial in our yards than we realize (they feed on harmful pests), many homeowners prefer to be skunk-free because of their notorious odor and ability to dig beneath foundations. The best way to get rid of a skunk is to implement an integrated control plan – one that employs methods of both skunk removal and deterrence.

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A mother skunk will endure most control efforts when caring for her young on your property. Skunks breed in the spring, and kits remain in the care of their mothers until fall, so it’s important to begin your integrated control plan before the breeding season begins.

You can prevent skunks from occupying abandoned burrows by burying wired fencing over burrow entrances. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure that there are no animals living in the burrow by loosely covering each entrance with leaves and dirt. If you find that after a few days these holes remain undisturbed, you can proceed to close off the burrow.

Skunks are nocturnal and sensitive to light and sound. If it’s not disturbing your neighbors or family, you may choose to drive skunks out of your yard by keeping music on at night and/or installing night-lights around your property. Although these methods are only temporary solutions, they may help as additions to your integrated control plan.

As with most other wild animals, employing multiple skunk control products at once will increase your chances of long-term skunk control.

Before attempting to trap a skunk, call your local SPCA or humane league to determine the laws and regulations regarding trapping and relocating the type of wildlife in your area.

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