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Ants Control the Ground Under Our Feet

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We published a blog post on wasps last month. This month we wrote about their distant cousins, the ant. There are over 12,500 types of ants.

Ants evolved from wasps in the cretaceous period, approximately 140 million years ago. After the rise of flowering plants, ants diversified immensely which explains why there are so many types of ants. There are over 12,500 types of ants. 

Facts about Ants

There are a few facts about ants that are common knowledge, like an ant can lift more than 20 times its own body weight. So if one were the size of an average 2nd grader, it would be able to pick up a car! Queen ants are capable of living for years and spawning millions of babies. So next time you see that pile of black ants on the sidewalk, it is more than likely that all of them, or at least the majority of them, are siblings. 

Ants do not have ears, they “hear” through their feet. They can feel the vibrations from the ground through their feet, how inhuman is that! Much like how dogs mark their territory when they visit new places, ants leave a pheromone trail in their wake so that they can keep track of where they have been. Ants do not have lungs. They breathe through tiny holes that are located all over their bodies, and then carbon dioxide leaves through those same holes. Nature truly is amazing and will bend overtime to help the living survive in their ever-changing environments. 


Because ants build extensive caves under the ground, they help aerate the soil, which helps with lawn fertilization.

Another benefit ants have that helps to fertilize your yard is that ants use dead foliage like fallen leaves and dying grass and roots to build their nests. The nutrients from this dead foliage seep into the ground and the live roots of the grass and whatever plants/trees are nearby will be able to soak it up. So because of ants, you are getting tree service naturally.

Ants are very territorial. They will actively fend off other insects that get to close to their nests. Some types of ants will also eat other insects. Ants help to keep other insect populations in your yard under control.

Some Home Remedies to Control Them

Be careful with any food you handle outside. Ants are always looking for food. Even the smallest crumbs and particles of food will attract them. Keep your food/drink covered if you are not eating it while your outside, throw away your plates, cups, and napkins as soon as you are done with them and keep your trash cans covered and a good distance from your yard.

Just like any bug, an unkempt yard is an ant’s playground. Make sure your yard is healthy and well kept.

When You Should Call Us

The instant those ants in your yard start to come into your home is when you should call a terminator. We will be there to clean your house and expel any pests. And since punctuality is very important to us, we will be there in a very timely manner. We are your Utah pest control experts.

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