Rats and mice pose serious health threats and carry infectious diseases. Their droppings and hair are also a source of allergens for some people.  In addition to posing a health concern, they also cause physical damage.

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Signs Of An Infestation

  • Gnaw marks. New gnawings or holes tend to be rough whereas, old gnawings are smooth from wear and old holes are often greasy.
  • Fresh droppings are soft and moist whereas, old droppings are dried and hard; adult Norway’s about 3/4″ (18-20 mm) with blunt ends vs. adult roof’s about 1/2″ (12-13 mm) with pointed ends.
  • Tracks/footprints. Front foot 4-toed and print is in front of usually longer hind print with 5 toes. Fresh tracks are clear and sharp whereas, old tracks are at least partially obscured by dust.
  • Rub marks or dark, greasy markings on vertical surfaces. Fresh marks are soft, greasy, and easily smeared whereas, old marks are with the grease dry and flaky.
  • Found in earthen banks, under concrete slabs, and under walls. If active, free of dust and cobwebs. Main opening usually with hard packed soil, rub marks may be visible.
  • Consistently follow same paths, usually along walls, stacked merchandise, etc. Active runways with greasy appearance, free of dust and cobwebs, with fresh tracks and/or droppings.

Damaged goods. Norway rats prefer meat, fish, and cereal (dry dog food a favorite) whereas, roof rats prefer fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

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