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Spiders and How to Keep Them Out of Your Home

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The other day I was brushing my teeth and, one moment it wasn’t there and the moment it was, I saw a spider scurrying across my counter-top. I do not like spiders and when I find a spider in a place that I have always considered to be more personal and private like my bathroom, that place seems to lose a little bit of its sanctity. 

Spiders are one of those critters that, even though you are aware that they are beneficial to the environment, at the moment that you see them in a place you don’t want them to be then, usually, all logic goes out the window and you do what is necessary to get them out of that place, which usually involves taking advantage of the size of your shoe in relation to the size of their body.

A few common practices you can do to not invite them into your home/business

Keep Clutter from Building Up.

Spiders like to lurk in small cave-like openings, just like everyday clutter. To keep spiders out, make sure to stay on top of clutter and don’t let it build up. Adrienne Breaux at Apartment Therapy suggests you de-clutter your home of any random piles of books, clothes, shoes, papers, toys, or anything else that might accumulate in a pile somewhere.

Keep the Outside Perimeter of your Home Pile-Free.

Spiders like piles of stuff in your yard as well. Keep things like:

  •   Piles of leaves
  •   Stacks of firewood
  •   Compost bins
  •   Overgrown trees and shrubs
  •   Uncut lawns
  •   Stacks of boxes
  •   Patches of weeds
  •   Lawn clippings

from building up into large and cluttered piles.

Keep the Corners of your House, Both Inside and Outside, Clear of Webs. 

Spiders, just like any other creature, can tell when an area becomes unsafe. If they need to keep spinning their webs and creating a new home then they will know it is time to move on and find a new location to settle down. Remember though to keep those far-reaching areas of your yard mostly undisturbed (within reason of course) because you do want those spiders to go somewhere so they can continue to benefit their (and your) environment. A major benefit of having spiders around is that they eat insects. Spiders will help control the number of flies, mosquitoes, and moths around your home. 

Reduce your outdoor lighting.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when it gets dark, flies, mosquitos, and moths tend to cast a shadow over a light bulb that is shining. Those flies, mosquitos, and moths are exactly the kind of food a spider finds appetizing. We suggest you keep your outdoor lighting to a minimum. 

Spiders are both good and bad. They are bad when they creep into our lives and infest our personal space. Good when they keep to themselves and their benefits, in our eyes, remain undetected. If you do find that numerous spiders have infested your personal space, we can help! We have 5 locations here in Utah ranging from Davis Country to Utah County. We service everywhere in-between and Tooele Country. We offer one-time sprays or annual plans. 

Give us a call and request a terminator. Our numbers are: 

Salt Lake Country: (801) 982-7378

Park City: (435) 657-0375

Provo: (801) 392-4198

Tooele: (435) 843-8100

or visit our website at We are equipped to cover all of your pest control needs. Whether you need rodent control, bug/insect control, weed control or tree control, we’re here for you!

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