Cockroaches, in Utah?

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What do you do when you see a cockroach run across your kitchen floor? Before you start to panic and burn down your home, we can help.

Yes, Cockroaches in Utah

Currently, in the world, there are approximately 4,500 different known species of cockroaches. Only about 30 though are considered to be pests. Of these 30 we want to discuss two specific cockroaches that have been known to invade Utah homes. They are the American Cockroach and the German Cockroach. 

The American Cockroach

(Also known as the Flying Water Bug or Palmetto)

This pest can be from about 1.3 – 2 inches in size, they are a reddish-brown color with two stripes on it’s back that lead to the head. They are oval-shaped and have two antennas. A typical American Cockroach can live for about one year. 

Evidence you have an American Cockroach roommate

  • You see the Cockroach fluttering across the floor to a dark space. 
  • Finding small droppings that might be easily confused with mouse poop, the difference is the shape of the droppings. This can be difficult to identify and would be worth having one of our certified technicians identify for you. 
  • Eggs, the American Cockroach lays about 150 eggs in its life span, these eggs are typically in warm dark places, near dishwashers, under sinks, by washing machines and dryers. 
  • The last sign we have for you is a stinky one. The American Cockroach is known to release a pheromone that has a musty smell. 


The German Cockroach

(Blattella germanica)

The German Cockroach is one of the most common cockroaches around the world and in Utah. They are a light tan to brown color with two parallel stripes that go down their back. The German Cockroach lifespan is around 200 days. In one cockroach life span, they will be able to reproduce 6 generations. 


How to Identify if you have your own German Cockroach

  • They live near warm dark spots in your home near food sources, most commonly they are found by the kitchen or bathroom. 
  • Like the American Cockroach, they often can be identified by their droppings which look like a small pepper substance that can be found on counters. EW!
  • Another gross way to identify your friend is the fecal staining that can occur from the droppings, they are commonly found on door frames and small crack openings in walls. 


What can you do to prevent an infestation?

The best type for prevention of both kinds of cockroaches is practicing good hygiene. Meaning taking care of your house by regularly cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, and carpet. By not letting a pile of dishes sits in your sink for a few days and cleaning your floor from crumbs you will do yourself a big favor. 

Why Should you give us a call?

It is important to give us a call when you see these pests or evidence of them in your home. Cockroaches are known to pass on infections and diseases easily. The sad fact about cockroaches is when you see one there are likely plenty more hiding in places like behind your refrigerator. Don’t be afraid, TNT Pest control is just one call away!

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