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Raccoons Cute, but Dangerous

By February 29, 2020December 8th, 2022One Comment

That noise you hear in the attic may be your very own colony of raccoons. 

Raccoons? In Utah?

In the Western United States usually the pests we deal with are typically bugs and insects, but to your surprise, we do have raccoons living amongst us. Typically they live in urban areas throughout the state. The reason you may have not seen these creatures is because of their activity mainly taking place in the evening. 

What kind of damage do they do?

Raccoons are known to prey upon small pets, poultry, and get into your trash cans and gardens. They will also move into your home uninvited, they will make your attic, basement shed, or even your chimney their new home and breeding grounds. The damage that they can sustain to your home is unfavorable and substantial. These pests have been known to rip off shingles on your roof, damaged electrical wiring, insulation, walls, or other structures of your home. They will also leave special gifts like urine stains, droppings, and other material they’ve brought into your home for their nest. 

How do you prevent an infestation?

There a few simple things you can do to prevent a raccoon invasion. The first is to be sure you aren’t leaving anything outside that raccoons could use for food or water. This can be bird feeders, bird seeds, fountains, and trash cans. If possible putting these items in a shed with a secure lid on is a big preventer, raccoons are well known for using their paws to open up garbage can lids. For preventing them from invading your home, close openings into your home like a cage over your chimneys, repairing small gaps in your roof or missing shingles. Raccoons once on your roof will do the damage they need to in order to get in your attic, including biting, scratching, and ripping off your shingles. Prevention means stopping possible food sources, securing places they could use for shelter, and eliminating ways for them to get on your roof. 

Contact TNT Pest Control!

Infestations are tricky and difficult, give us a call at TNT Pest Control so we can ease your nerves. We will send out one of our licensed pest control professionals to your home to do an inspection and begin evicting your unwanted roommates. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean your son in the basement. 


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